About Us

With our years of industry experience, we focus on helping maximizing the value of your
income portfolio and help you build a retirement plan that delivers dependable income, growth potential, and, most importantly, defense against damaging losses. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we honor our
fiduciary responsibility. As spelled out in the U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940, our goal is to always act and serve in the best interest of our clients.

Our Clients

After the Stock Market plunged by nearly 50% in 2000-2003, and then again by nearly 60% from 2007-2009, many investors, particularly Baby Boomers, realized they needed a new approach to saving and investing for retirement. Unfortunately, despite these dramatic drops, many financial advisors and stock brokers were still advocating old stock market-based investment strategies, or they would just take the easy way out and invest their clients’ hard-earned money in bond funds. Investing in individual fixed-income securities was merely an afterthought for most advisors because they lacked the specialized training required to effectively implement and manage individual fixed-income strategies. Sound Income Strategies, founded by David Scranton, is a Fort Lauderdale based Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm that differs from most other RIAs due to our fundamental experience in the “universe” of income-generating savings and investment strategies. Sought out to share his insights on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business and other financial outlets, David recognized the need to “stop following the crowd” and changed his business model to one he felt would better serve his clients and help protect their portfolios in the decades ahead.
David Scranton, and his team of Income Specialists, registered with Sound Income Strategies, who specialize in income-generating strategies, help our clients build dependable retirement plans through the active management of individual bonds, preferred stocks, and other bond like investments. With the potential for another major stock market correction in the coming years being a concern for many economists and investors, Baby Boomers need to understand that the onus is on them, more than ever before, to preserve their assets and prepare financially for retirement. For most, traditional, employer-based pensions no longer exist, and in the wake of two major stock market drops since the year 2000, many have learned that the responsibility falls on them to preserve their assets and prepare financially for retirement. With that in mind, we work with all clients to make sure they have the best possible investment strategies that are tailored to meet their goals—placing a priority on financial self-defense and generating ongoing income for retirement. Risk Analysis We understand that no investment option is without some degree of risk. But, the amount of risk you can afford to take with your investments differs drastically depending on numerous factors, including your age, cumulative assets, income needs, and retirement goals and, as you know, too much risk can be especially costly in the 10 years immediately before and after retirement, as many unfortunate investors learned when the stock market plunged by nearly 50% from January of 2000 to March of 2003 and by more than 50% from October of 2007 to March of 2009. In each instance, it took six or seven years for the stock market to rebound to its previous peak, forcing many retirees and near-retirees who got caught in the downdraft to either postpone retirement or return to work.